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With an extensive product line-up, in excess of 1700 items, we are confident that you will find the right product to meet your quality and budget expectations.


  • Choose from one of 8 varieties of Cutlery (unsurpassed in the industry) to find the line of utensils to meet your service requirements.

  • From the food court to the finest catered affair and everything in between, our 6 lines of Plates bring a new meaning to foodservice.

  • Sport stadiums, coffee shops and juice bars have recognized Polar as an innovative leader with 5 Flexible Tumblers lines to meet most cold drink applications.

  • Combine convenience and safety with a wide selection of Rigid Tumblers & Stemware that offer a glass-like feel and appearance.

  • If you are looking for a unique catering experience, look no further than POLAR’s extensive offering of heavy duty Catering Trays; square, oval, rectangle or round trays available in a variety of styles & colours - with complete line-up of Serving Utensils to match.

  • Home-Meal-Replacement (HMR), Take-out, Carry-out, or To-Go; whatever you call it, Polar has the container that will meet your packaging requirements. Choose from re-heat microwavable Polystyrene Containers, high-temperature microwavable Polypropylene Containers, Sandwich Wedges, PET Salad Containers, and Polypropylene Deli Containers; with lids to match, we’ve got you covered.

  • We round out our product offering with a complete selection of Beverage Straws, Coffee Stirrers and Pizza Spacers.


POLAR is your one-stop-shop for your single-use foodservice product requirements!


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